Who is OTB Global Enterprises Inc

OTB Global Enterprises Inc is a Barbados International Business Company (IBC) founded by two successful executives with established business partnerships worldwide. As an IBC, OTB's focus is international-to-international trade and business transactions outside the United States. OTB has expertise in brand development and third-party merchandise marketing for export sales; international corporate/business creation and management; personal and corporate security industry; real estate development; oil and gas and banking and finance.

History and Mission

OTB Global Enterprises Inc was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs with established business partnerships world-wide and global outreach in mind. Being executives from both, the private and government sector, OTB’s founders recognized that the status quo in international business was due for a change. As a result, OTB was born and has developed a game changing approach to international trade, product development and sales.

OTB’s mission is simple, how we get there is unique: pushing performance and innovation beyond all previous boundaries, revealing to customers their value, and having access to the most premium products and services worldwide.

Core Values





Founders of OTB Global Enterprises Inc

Bruce M. Monroe

CEO at OTB Global Enterprises Inc

Bruce M. Monroe is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of OTB Global Enterprises Inc (OTB), a Barbados International Business Corporation. Beginning when he was 14 years old, Mr. Monroe has started or co-founded over two dozen companies and businesses. At 25-years-old, Mr. Monroe started his first international business, Globaltex International, Inc, a trade company with Japan. This grew from his year as a Kyokushikai uchi deshi training full-time martial arts in a Tokyo dojo during the period between receiving his engineering degree and MBA.

Following a life-long entrepreneurial path, Mr. Monroe has always had the role of employer. For a period of 14 years, as CEO and co-owner, Mr. Monroe simultaneously ran multiple companies based in the industries of oil & gas, timberland management, commercial development, wetland mitigation banking and sand & gravel operations. Mr. Monroe is currently on the Board of Directors of Dallas Capital Bank.

Mr. Monroe has always maintained a life-long passion for international business and relations. From his time in Japan training karate to competing in the 2017 Havana Cuba Half-Ironman, Mr. Monroe has used business, adventure and family-time to explore the world and build relationships. This has led to travel and the fostering of relationships in over 80 countries; his family has been with him to over 50 countries.

After twenty years of running a successful, multi-corporate entity, Mr. Monroe retired to co-found OTB Global Enterprises, Inc with friend and business partner, Timothy J. Landrum. The partnership plays on each of their strengths, successes and passions. |

Timothy J. Landrum

COO OTB Global Enterprises Inc

Timothy J. Landrum is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of OTB Global Enterprises Inc, a Barbados International Business Corporation. Mr. Landrum’s success in business began at the young age of 19, when he founded Photomagic Inc, a photography and entertainment company. Mr. Landrum combined his passion and skills as a world-class illusionist and professional photographer. Mr. Landrum currently serves as the CEO and founder of LP3 Alliance LLC, a USA based Native American owned small business. Mr. Landrum was the Special Agent in Charge for United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) before retiring from a very distinguished 32 year career in federal and local law enforcement.

Mr. Landrum was appointed to Senior Executive Service Ranks within the United States government, DEA in 2004. As a graduate from the DEA/FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia, Mr. Landrum worked to promote significant international and inter-agency cooperation among many countries and to include the various federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies within the United States.

Mr. Landrum’s global outreach has fostered strong public and private partnerships with many corporate and community leaders, both Nationally and Internationally, and within government, military and private sectors.

Mr. Landrum has been appointed Chairman of various executive boards, Nationally and Internationally, and continues to facilitate strong relationships within the Global community. |

Director of Operations OTB Global Enterprises Inc

Patricia Deane

Patricia Deane is the director of global operations for OTB Global Enterprises Inc. Ms.Deane possesses over 20 years of experience in diverse industires. She has held positions such as Project Manager, Funding Manager, and Industry Relations Manager over several industries for companies including JPMorgan Chase and MedImpact. Ms. Deane obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from St. John’s University in New York, and her Master of Science in Global Business Leadership, with a Certification in Project Management, from the University of San Diego, California. Her expertise lies in Operations, Project Management, and Process Re-engineering. Ms.Deane's focus is being efficient while delivering high quality service to her clients. |